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Real-time model performance visualizations with

At, we strive to help data scientists and machine learning engineers speed up the development and productionisation of their machine learning models. A...
Gideon Mendels
1 min read

Deep Learning: Theory & Practice

This post by Yoel Zeldes is originally from his blog Another Datum and was reposted with his permission. Yoel is an algorithm engineer at...
Gideon Mendels
7 min read

Using fastText and to classify relationships in Knowledge…

TLDR: In this post, we will examine how a simple model, fastText, learns to represent entities in a subset of the FB15K knowledge graph,...
Dhruv Nair
6 min read supercharging your machine learning workflow

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve joined as Product Lead! After graduation, I became a product manager for Watson Studio, a powerful...
Gideon Mendels
1 min read
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