Introducing’s Python API Client

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Programmatically access your machine learning system of record

Using the Comet API Client to retrieve experiment metrics, parameters, and details.

Accessing your model weights, metrics, hyperparameters, images, and other workflow artifacts should be easy for 10 or 10,000 experiments. Our new Python API client allows you to programmatically access your workspace, project, and experiment data. By using the API Client, you can reduce the amount of code you write to interact with our REST API 👍🏼

With programmatic access to your experiment data, you can:

  • Connect to your CI/CD system and automatically deploy to production the best model
  • Fetch a model to continue training or for transfer learning purposes.
  • Run meta analysis tests such as hyperparameter importance
  • create variations of plots (like our average performance plot above)
  • build custom reports around your model results

See this interactive tutorial of the Python API Client:

Not using Python? No problem!

The API is fully available as standard, language agnostic REST endpoints. Please see full specification here.

We hope you enjoy using our new Python API Client and welcome your feedback on Slack or Github!

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